A Short Guide on How SEO can Help Increase your Blog Traffic

SEO increase blog traffic

*This blog post is both my research and my personal opinion and may contain affiliate/referral links.

SEO or Search Engine Optimazation is the hidden weapon in getting found in the internet. In reality, organic SEO strategy is not really hidden, but there are actions that you need to be doing and words that you need to be showing so your visibility and ranking in Google and other search engines will improve.

Whether you have an online store, a blog, a product or idea that you want to push and publish in the online world, you need an SEO search strategy. It also helps to know how you can get more eyeballs to notice what you are offering with your SEO search marketing. Beginners and professionals alike should know how to use SEO to promote and make the most of their online presence.

This post will focus more on SEO strategis to increase your blog traffic but is also relevant if you have a product on your online store. Remember that we are aiming for visitors to find you through SEO organic search.

The very first thing that you should do is to know and research your target audience. You can make a list of things of what your intended traffic are looking for, what their demographics are, their interest and other relatable characteristics. This will form the guiding idea of your article as you break down and expand each paragraph according to what your target audience wants to know.

Content is king and the authoritative figure in your whole blog post. Write useful articles that will give your readers a reason to read from start to finish and come back for more. The substance of your post builds trust to your audience and eventually what brings organic traffic to your site. By giving them rich and valuable content, the blogger is also establishing himself/herself as an authority on that topic.

Readers pay attention to keywords and SEO focused articles make sure the keywords that they are looking for and want to know are inserted on the body of the post. For example, a reader may stumble upon your blog because he or she is researching “increase blog traffic through SEO” on search engines.

Google and other search engines like it too when a blogger updates their post content regularly for relevancy, so make sure you periodically check your post and add updated and relevant info on your original post.

We touch on “Keywords Research” earlier but this deserves a paragraph of its own. One must know that there is such a thing as a keyword ranking strategy and that this targeted keywords should be placed on the title, heading, subheading, and throughout the body of post as much as so it will improve the searchability and ranking on search engines. Try to do it in a way though that the writing won’t suffer and the ideas you want to impart won’t be a mesh of unnatural or repeatable words. Remember that in the end you are still writing for the readers and not sarcrificing the gist of the topic for the sake of the SEO.

Another SEO-buiding strategy is link building strategy or to use links on your post, be it internal or back links. If you have more than one post in your blog, using internal links are especially important not only for the extra traffic but also for SEO tracking, again a trust-building action with the search engine.

Did you know that describing your image or video is also a way for search engine to find your blog? Alt-tags or alternative text description helps direct these searches from the photo and video and then to the post itself. This simple action will increase hits on your page in general.

As your blog posts grows, you would soon identify which ones are performing better; another trick to get more traffic is to find out the keywords and the content that your audience are keen on reading more. You can then optimize these keywords and use them on your next post or add them on your other existing posts.

To sum this short SEO blog guide, understanding SEO and its basic machinations is a knowledge and skill that will get your blog more organic traffic. For new or experienced blogger, it is always important to have an SEO strategy in place so you’ll a post that is well structured to gain organic traffic..

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