4 Commonsense Actions for Summer Household Savings

Summer Household savings

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There are many ways we can save money this summer but i think it is important that we start on our very own abode and household. There are a lot of savings that can be done just by not using or limiting the use of the household appliances and utilities. In many ways, this is not only savings that will go to your pocket but also good to the environment.

Some of this actions are really common sense if you think about it and therefore can be started right away. Here is a post that i personally practice and want to share on this blog. If you can think of more measures, please feel free to comment at the end of this post.

Let fresh air in

Summer may not be so hot in many places so open the window and allow the air to circulate inside the house. Instead of turning on the fan or air condition, the summer breeze will help cool the house. Not using these cooling appliances even on the evening will save you a lot of dollars.

We all know how the AC bill can rack up in the summer months so if we can use it smartly then we have a winning situation on our hand. Another thing that we can do if we cannot help but use the AC is to monitor and control the temperature on the thermostat. Lowering it when no one is in the house and just let the cool air be trapped inside the house will save tons on electric bill.

Let the light in

Draw the curtain or pull up the blinds because we have long hours of daylight during summer. Give the ceiling light and lamp light a rest in the daytime and use natural light when reading. For those working on a workshop, they may also let the sunshine in from their window, door or even ceiling on their indoor space.

Air dry clothes

What better way to harness the power of the sun and the wind than to air dry your wet clothes. Take advantage of the season of summer when high temperature and mild wind can easily dry your clothes for free. Unhook the dryer plug and get a clothing rack or a clothes line to save power and money.

Utilize nature for exercise

Why not walk, hike or bike outdoors than plug the electric treadmill or bike machine in your room? Yes, it makes sense to breathe fresh air and actually walk or bike while the weather is this good this summer. I’m sure there are other electric-powered sport machine that mimic but cannot replace the real thing, so try to do it with the beautiful weather on your face.

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