3 Ways You Can Use Your Holiday Money (If You Are Not Going on Holiday)

Summer investment and side hustle

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Summer is here and that means it is vacation time again. Summer break is usually an anticipated time for students, workers and families but some are not that keen yet on going out on long travels. It’s easy to understand if there is still a Covid scare on the mind of both vaccinated and unvaccinated people, especially with the emergence of new variants.

Understandingly, some are still recovering from the economic impact of the pandemic so a holiday may not be a good idea at the moment. Whatever the reason for not taking a vacation this Summer, there will always be a time in the later season or next year. In this blog post, i am writing 3 ways you can have a meaningful Summer with both your time and money.

Support Local Businesses

Who says you cannot have fun in your own turf? Travelling within your town, city, county or state will not only save you a lot of money but more importantly you will be able to support the local businesses that are still rebounding from the shutdown and restrictions of Covid 19.

Spending your money locally by eating on restaurants, especially mom and pops restaurants, renting on B&B and hotels, buying local products and others would ensure that local people will continue to be employed and these businesses will continue on its path to recovery.

Invest on Tourism Stocks

A typical holiday money can run in the thousands of dollars if you factor in everything, and the longer you stay the higher your expenses. If you are not taking a holiday this Summer, these extra money can be a capital for investment, stocks in particular.

Despite the Covid scare that i spoke earlier, majority of people will still be going through with their holiday, and that means they will still fly (airline stocks), they will board and sleep (hotel stocks) and they will still eat (restaurant stocks). Given that many countries are reopening tourism again, it might be the right time to capitalize on these tourism stocks this summer.

Start a Summer-Theme Side Hustle

Another way you can catch this wave of Summer vibes is to become a Summer entrepeneur. The summer ideas are out there: design a catchy Summer slogan or art and sell them as POD item, sell a beach towel, sunglasses and other products on Shopify… just to name a few. I mean, this Summer break may be the free time that you are waiting for to launch your own business.

Small or large saved-up money, there will always be productive and helpful ways we can spend those monies in order to better ourselves and also others. These are just 3 ideas that you can explore and i’m sure there are more.

Thank you for reading.


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