3 Money Lessons I Learned from Minimalism

money lesson minimalism

Minimalism is a word that has been used exhaustively at different context. Some knowingly adopt and sometimes unknowingly use minimalism on art, fashion, lifestyle and other facets of life. It is no different when we based our minimalistic actions on matters of the money.

I never label myself as a strict minimalist but i think i pick up a few minimalistic mindset that guides me on my dealings with money and investment.

Buying is a conscious act

Whether i am buying a stock, crypto or a furniture, i want it to be a thought-of planned action. This is another way of saying i try not to do an impulsed buy on an item. There’s got to be a compelling and conscious reason why it needs to be bought, and not just because i want it.

The process continues with allocating a budget, researching the best value and the actual acquisition. This infers too that sometimes quantity or a poor quality item has to be sacrificed for a lasting and solid buy.

Decluttering is a saving mindset

Getting rid of unwanted items does not only clear things in your house but also in your mental space. Why mental space? Because that’s one less item to worry and to let go. Donating, selling or flipping are just a few actionable ways to save your belongings for being out of use. By making them useful again, you are also giving them a new life.

So what is the money lesson in all of this? That we have to pay attention to what we buy so we would not have to worry disposing them later on? Whatever you get out of this, just be smart with your spending.

You take more ownership with your investment

When it comes to stock and other asset investments, ownership takes a more intentional approach because of the research you’ve spent in finding them. Minimalism is a zone where you filter the right asset to buy at your situation.

Is there something more convincing than buying a stock, crypto, real estate and others because it passes all your test? This conviction is anchor on due diligence and an expectation that a winner is at hand.

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