The Argument about Cars – To pay gas, to commute or to walk/bike?

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Nope, i am not against any of your options to travel.

But hear me out, and make a financially-conscious decision after this post.

For a family man like me, i like a reliable family car that will get me from point A to B in the quickest and safest way possible. When getting a car for your family or for yourself, it is worth gauging your know-how on the engine because your choice of getting a new car or a second-hand car will depend on this important factor.

If you are quite confident on your skill and i mean more than just basic troubleshooting then you would most likely feel comfortable driving a used or old car. Think of it as summoning your inner mechanic without paying for the service of an actual mechanic which could easily run into thousand$.

On the other hand, getting a brand to fairly new car is like eliminating the worries all of the above, because you have the peace of mind of a full warranty and spanking new engine. Paying for the car loan can take a hit on your pocket though, but with proper budgeting, this could be one of the best spending that you had ever decided and even sacrificed.

The premise to this argument, of course, is you are a careful driver.

Not everybody can be placed in the car-riding category. I mean if your apartment is next to the bus stop, then i would say public transportation would suit you best as your primary way of transporting, even better if you are walking or biking distance.

I will go on further to say to leave your car in the garage and only use it for your weekend trip to the countryside or the in-laws. Big city living is designed to accommodate these conveniences, usually one don’t have to go far to access the nearest store, hospital, school, bank, gym… so take advantage of this if you are one.

The question about what do you get off from owning a car to commuting in public needs financial consideration. Car loan, insurance and roadside assistance are long term commitments that are considered necessities but hides under the guise of luxury. Just a quick reference, for a Los Angeles, California resident the average yearly car insurance which includes comprehensive, collision and liability is $2000/year.

One can ride a taxi but you don’t really get to choose your music or your air freshener. While these are measly perks one can forego, privacy is something you cannot pay for when you are standing on the train with hundred souls rushing to the workplace at 8 in the morning.

To say public commuters don’t pay for comfort is not entirely true though, if you live in a bustling metropolis like Los Angeles, you will likely be subjected to the woes of traffic congestion which will eat up more of your gas money as well as your coolheadedness. But that is not to say that these everyday bus and train riders don’t have cars; the main point here is they choose to live comfortably within their means and be plain smart about their situation

Thank you for reading.


Comments always welcome. What is your current and practical mode of traveling?

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