3 Income Streams You Can Generate on Weekend

income stream weekend

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You have two free days to earn extra income. For those who work the 9-5 grind or are full time students during the weekdays, weekends are the best days to focus on your side hustles.

On this blog post, here are my recommendations for productive activities that can generate extra monies on your pocket. It takes research and effort to make this work, but with patience and perseverance these side hustles can be an additional sources of income.

Trade Crypto

Stock Market follows the Monday to Friday schedule, except on Holidays, so if you are a trader or investor, then the Crypto Market may be your best bet. In case you don’t know, trading Crypto is a 24 hour 7 Day market. I should mention too that you would need money to trade crypto, so word of advice, please use money that you can only afford to lose.

Crypto has high return potential but also very risky because of it’s wild price fluctuations. Bitcoin, the banner coin of cryptocurrency, has seen tremendous rise with a 27% YTD increase and almost 300% from a year ago, but is also 25% down on the last month alone.

Publish KDP

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) belongs under the umbrella of the giant Amazon marketplace. By publishing your KPD print or digital books, you already have millions of potential customers who can search your product.

Perhaps one big misconception with KDP publishing is you have to write a long page novel and be an established author to publish on KDP. The truth is there are other useful books that anybody can create and offer to the KDP marketplace. I am talking about low content books like recipe notebooks, calligraphy practice worksheets, coloring books…, you get the idea.

You can create this low content books by using free design platform like Canva for both the interior and cover of your books. Google sheets and other free resources can be utilized too. Even for a no designer experience like me, i would say this isn’t really as hard as i thought it would.

Flip Products

When i started flipping, i thought you can just flip any item and it would sell, but later on i’ve learned that there is a method to flipping the “right” items. I later learned too that in order to be a succesful flipper, you have to know what people are liking and buying.

Weekend is the perfect time to search for this well-liked and sometimes seasonal items. For example, since we are approaching Summer, it makes sense to list swimming-related equipments and bbq items on Ebay, Facebook Marketplace and other platforms. If done right, flipping can be a legitimate and reliable business in the long run.

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