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Quality and affordability are just two selling points for a product. We all want to produce the best that we can share to our customers, and we want them to be satisfied with their time and purchase.

In the same manner, we want to give them the best customer service there is. This is even more important to an online store because you want to impress a potential customer that they are being treated like a person on a face to face transaction. The closest thing you can do to make the experience personal is to engage them with FAQ and answer their questions and requests.

Another business fundamental that should never be amiss is marketing. I think that if you are really serious with your business then you should have a good grasp of social media and use it to promote your products to the world, that’s right, ecom has a global presence of customers waiting to see your product. For this post, i like to list three social media platforms that i have used and briefly discuss their features.


What started for most as a family and friends network, Facebook can also be used as a business platform for ecommerce store. These can be done two ways: first is to tap within your network and second is to reach outside your circle and promote your product with an ad.

The second way can be categorized further; first is to create a Facebook page for both engagement and promotion and the other is to create an ad and pay it to be advertised on the vast library of FB users within your niche. Facebook Ad is a targeted audience marketing that allows you to hone in on your potential customers based on their age, gender, geography, interest and many relevant infos.


Instagram has the advantageous position of being visual. Seeing the fine details of a product in a photo is not only eyecatching but also a clear way to decide if the product is worth purchasing.

With almost 1 billion active users, Instagram is a powerful platform to showcase your products. Just like FB, you can go the organic or the paid way through ad and influencers. How do you build an army of followers? It all starts with the photo. Good camera, excellent lighting and appealing color scheme, these are just some of the technical stuffs that will produce a killer photograph. Then there is the element of engaging too – show them you are real by spending a few minutes a day conversing with them.


A one sentence sale pitch? While this is possible in the world of Twitterverse, you ideally want to build an audience first and engage with them. The first step is to show your expertise on your particular niche and then create that trust with your engagement.

In a time when attention span is becoming shorter and shorter, it is very important to pack your words with meaning and benefits. You want to convey that substance in a straightforward way and also resonating to the senses of the readers. Some understandingly call tweeting an artform and rightly so when you can hook them with your tweets.

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