3 Writing Tips for a Beginner Blogger

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We have different reasons for starting a blog. Some write and keep it private, while many bloggers are comfortable sharing their ideas and want a two way communication with their readers. Some are good at starting only and then all of a sudden lacks the continuity to keep at it.

Many bloggers get into blogging without a goal or commitment. I understand not everybody has time to write but i think if you have a goal or commitment, you will find a way to write what’s burning in you to write.

Picking a niche you are passionate about

Initially, i would say write something you are at least familiar. By writing something you know, you are giving value to the content that your readers would read. You may not be an authority on your niche, but at least you are giving your readers a reason to stay at your blog by giving them something that is useful.

This will also give you time to settle in with blogging. Many beginner bloggers lose their interest at the outset because their knowledge of their niche are limited and they run out of topics to write very early on the stage.

There is also a learning curve on the technical functions of blogging that one has to get used to, so having a wealth of familar topics to write about is one less worry to deal with for a novice.

And as you get more acquainted with the ins and outs of blogging, writing something new yet you are excited to learn will be easy to manage. The time and the research element would be more pronounced as your mature as a writer and as you learn to sort your time accordingly.

You are writing to engage with readers

Be the audience that will undertand your writing. Put yourself in their shoes and bring yourself to their level so the transmission of ideas will be mutual. By clearly elucidating your ideas, you are more likely to get a constructive reaction from your readers.

Have an underlying pain points to elaborate and solve before the end of the blog. The readers deserve to know the solution and you are at a position to explain it to them as if you are talking to them in person. Because you are having a conversation in your writing, respond to their queries and comments. It’s the proper thing to do to build credibility to your writing and trust with your readers.

Accountability: Backing up your writing

This is a trait a blogger has to incorporate on his or her writing as early as possible. You not only want to be convincing but must able to back it up with facts or accounts that will validate your point. Having a writing platform where you can have hundreds of readers is a writer’s privilege. Your readers deserve an honest rendition of your ideas.

In the same token, a mistake has to be acknowledged to accurately correct and lead the readers. Sometimes leading by example is the best way to gain integrity as a blogger.

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