3 Part Time Side Hustles You Can Start Right Away

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*This blog post is my personal opinion only and contains affiliate/referral links.

And possibly pays off too.

Time is of the essence when you only have little time to spare from your full time job and family time. Some side hustle can take weeks and even months to get results but there are some that has an easy learning curve than others.

The purpose of this blog post is to name three side hustles that can easily be set up and for the most part requires very little capital.

Affiliate Marketing

In layman’s term, affiliate marketing is a commission-based side hustle for every sale of the product or service that an “affiliate” promotes. Product marketing are all over the internet, for example an Amazon product that someone clicks and buys on a link from a third party source (online article, Youtube, Twitter…) is considered an affiliate sale for the marketer.

What product or service that you can promote? The short answer to this is any product or service that accepts affiliate marketer. It is important to know that you have to enroll or register to be an affiliate and the acceptance notice can be quick or long and some enrollment can be rejected.

Of note here is i insert affiliate links on my blog posts. If you ever wants to try affiliate marketing, i would recommend that you promote products and services that you believe and have tried and have worked for you.

POD (Print On Demand)

Are you good with words or have a funny catchphrase? Why not embed them on a t-shirt or a mug? This is the very gist of POD.

A POD business is a home-based side hustle that needs no use of warehouse for your inventory. You basically publish the products that you design and when a customer makes a purchase, the POD supplier will fulfill and ship the item to your customer. As the store owner, you mark the price of the product higher than the POD supplier and factor in the taxes and fees, and the net is your profit.

Another nice thing about this business model is that there are many free online resources (like Canva) that you can use to design your products. Many of this website and software are so user-friendly that even non-designers can learn their functionality through self-study.


Ebay or Amazon or Facebook? This are just three online marketplace where you can sell your flipped products for a profit.

Buy low, sell high and repeat. Finding products to flip can be sourced from donation centers, flea markets, discount shops, online marketplace and many more. You can do your sourcing either by physically bagging and selling the objects or from dropshipping it from another online marketplace i.e. you buy low at Ebay and sell high at Amazon.

Flipping can be started right away if you already have a selling account on these online marketplaces. Just make sure you do your research from sourcing, pricing to shipping and provide the best customer service.

The three side hustles that was covered on this post are not meant to be a get rich scheme activities, but if you put more effort and more time than you can spare, then hopefully it can pay handsomely to your pockets.

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