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It’s the last weekend before Halloween. The excitement and fanfare is more constrained now for parents and unfortunately for the kids too. Costume party at school is one of the funnest event a student can experience, and it’s a shame that many cannot partake on this dress-up at the moment. Trick or treating is most likely to be not allowed at houses or malls also because of the risk of covid infection.

It can be argued that kids are less proned to be infected and be a carrier, and this is exactly the government policy that it implemented on the school of my 3 year old son. To see him dressed up as skeleton on his first preschool costume is a delight and to hear him enjoy his time at school is priceless.


Another headliner on the past week is the presidential election debate and the proposed second stimulus package. After last Friday’s face off debate, all that remains now is the tail end of the campaign and more than half of the election voting results. It will be interesting if the stock market will continue to rise after the election, especially if Joe Biden will be the new president. The more pressing issues is the US unemployment which is at the higher 7%. I am of the opinion that more jobs is a better gauge for a robust economy, rather than as some blindly misinterpreted the stock market recovery.

This week i’ve added $ABR to my Dividend Portfolio. This REIT has increased its dividend for the last 7 years and has an averaged 3 year DGR of 22%. It’s $766 million cash flow i believe can sustain its 10% dividend yield. This along with my $LAND are the two REITs i have on my holdings right now.

I thought of getting more $T because it reached its lowest share price since March but i did not pull the trigger because of it’s downward trend momentum. I’m currently down 4% and will continue to monitor it in the coming days. On a bright note, i was paid with my first $CSCO dividend on 10/21.

With my success of my short buy call of $ET last week, it emboldens me to place a new long call on 11/20. Hopefully the peaking energy sector uptrend will carry it on the election month.

On my side hustle, i now have 4 POD platforms. It’s my pleasure to open an account on Teesprings and Amazon KDP. Teesprings is just an offshoot of my Etsy and Redbubble products so i basically just moved my designs on their website. I only made 1 design this week because I’ve been spending a lot of research and changes on my keyword titles and tags recently. I think understanding SEO is the key to being found on these online marketplace.

Currently i have 45 products on Etsy and 11 designs each on Redbubble and Teesprings. I hooked them up on Google Analytics so i can track data and utilize them efficiently for future use. Patience is a virtue with my POD business; with my new modified titles and tags, i still believe it will gain more traction now that the holidays are coming.


My newest brainchild POD item is KDP blank journal and i just published one today. It’s my first attempt of designing book cover and book interiors and it is currently being reviewed for publishing. I will give more details once Amazon approved it or not and the product is live.

That’s my week’s wrap up folks. I hope you had a productive week also and that you are pursuing whatever projects you have with great interest. I know it’s easy to just watch Netflix and kill time but i also know you are doing yourselves a big favor by working on your side hustles and learning something new to improve your status in life.

Wishing you all the best and thank you for reading again.