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It’s Friday again. For some it is the start of partying although that is not very wise at the moment because of the rampant spread of the second wave of Covid 19. Numbers are rising again and many countries are having to deal with stringent restrictions again to combat the transmission of the virus.

Friday for others is a culmination of a hardworking week and a time to settle and plan for a relaxing weekend. I raised this point on Twitter and it goes like this: “Why is sleep underrated for overworked people? Ponder about this and sleep in this weekend. Your mind and body will thank you.”

And for many, Friday to Sunday is just a continuation of the work week. We all have different situation in life and i understand if some have to work still on the weekends so they can provide for their family or just to earn more for their savings, investments and retirement.

I will say i am a combination of paragraph 2 and 3, because i want to spend more time with my family and at the same time cultivate some creative work for my side hustles.


Which one are you? Please feel free to describe your current stance on the comment section.

Speaking of side hustle, i continue to boost my production listing at Etsy and Redbubble. Right now i have 42 listings on the former and 10 on the latter. I am not getting the results that i want yet but i know i will be very soon. I know and believe on the power of numbers game so i just have to believe that one or five of those items will be noticed. I have to say that i have no paid ads and therefore organic. For consideration is paying for ads but right now my focus really is to come up with good designs, hone my designing skills and learn more on keywords description, because these are the backbone of POD business.

On the stock market side of things, i have one purchase this week and that is $LAND. According to their profile, “Gladstone Land Corp. is an agricultural real estate investment trust, which engages in the business of owning and leasing farmland. It also includes farm-related facilities, such as cooling facilities, packinghouses, processing facilities, and various storage facilities.”

$LAND’s share price has been in decline the past two months but i think it is undervalued and solid for a reason. This is on my watch list and has reached my target buy price. It carries a 3.75% dividend yield and has increased it’s dividend for last 5 years. I took the brave step to add REIT on my portfolio because of $LAND’s growth potential and dividend income.

I also made one option play this week. Bought an $ET call and swing traded my way into 80% profit. For this trade, i rode the upward trend and followed the basics fundamental. I’ve been noticing an uptick with the energy sector lately and hopefully it will continue to do so, because it is the biggest loser in the stock market sector.

Thank you for reading. I wish you all a wonderful weekend.