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Good morning to you, wherever you are reading this. It’s friday and there’s more reason to celebrate than worry about the news and politics of the past few days. It’s campaign time in the US, and if you notice, the debate or any relevant presidential news or rumors affects and often correlates the sentiment of the market. President Trump’s positive testing and treatment of Covid 19 also shifted the stock market and then of course he recovered and the market also adjusted to his tweet particularly on the planned second stimulus.

There were reports that the stimulus check will be issued after the election or maybe even later, but regardless of it’s date of issuance, i think it is imperative that they act on this fast. As of this writing, job unemployment in the US is almost 8%, it’s considerably down from it’s highs at early pandemic time, but there’s always new layoffs sprouting around, for example American and Delta airlines have scheduled layoffs this October.

October has been good with the market so far. We saw a partial correction on the three big market indices in September, and as an investor, it opened a buying opportunity for me when some of my watchlist stocks were on a dip. My September buys has already generated a 4.5% return on my dividend portfolio and i couldn’t be happier. I understand that stock performance varies but if you have a long term strategy in place and you are confident with your stock investing fundamentals, then i wouldn’t stress too much on the constantly changing news. Remember that you are investing for your retirement which is your long term goal.

It’s Friday and i said earlier that it is worth celebrating and no matter what your circumstances in life right now, you can always find something to make your accomplishment stands out. Mine happens with crossing the 100th followers on Twitter. I am not the most active Twitterer out there but i learned a lot of useful engaging tips in this short and compact course. Anyway, what is your rewarding moment lately? I like to hear it on the comments section.

On other news, I have been very busy designing and adding more stuffs on my Etsy and Redbubble stores. I tend to concentrate more on Autumn or Fall products like hoodies, beanies and mugs because the weather is really cooling down.


As it stands, i have 35 items on Etsy and 8 designs on Redbubble. Running a POD shop is an education on online retail. From the research to the marketing side, there are a lot to learn really and i’m starting to realize that it takes more than passion to build a succesful store. For example, it entails writing keyword-friendly title, descriptions and tags and a good amount of engagement on social media for your marketing campaign. Printful, my POD supplier has been easily maneuverable thankfully, and i still say this is a good starting point if you want to open a POD business. In my last post, i wrote about how easy it is to design on your own if you have the catchy text with you already; as an alternative i also want to add that you can always hire a designer at Fiverr if you want someone professional handles the designing for you.


That’s my week’s wrap up for now. I hope everybody is keeping busy and staying safe. I wish you all a wonderful and productive weekend ahead. Thank you for reading.