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First of October, it’s a new month and for most of you Autumn is already here, for my friends in Australia you must be enjoying your Spring there as well, and if you are in the US, “Fall” is a welcome change to the heat of summer. I can name many things about my fondness for Autumn but i think the most prevalent of them all is the signs like the changing leaves and cold breeze and the feeling that the Holiday season is approaching. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year are all “shopping season” and as an online store owner, it is something you have to be ready for.

I have been inactive with my store listing this past summer because i have been preoccupied with my stock portfolio, particularly dividend investing. As mentioned on my last post, i started really getting into analyzing stocks and finally found the confidencce to pick the individual stocks on my own. I like to look at it as graduating from index funds which is passively managed to being an active manager of my own pickings. Currently with 6 holdings, my total portfolio is valued at $2200 with an annual dividend income of $151.

Last week had been busy as i snagged some undervalued stocks when the stock market was on a dip streak. I got me some CSCO, MO and added more T to my growing portfolio. I’m still trying to figure out the right mix and the right risk to my portfolio but so far i think the diversification and the risk is quite on the moderate side. My plan is to add growth stocks in the future and to diversify with Energy, Oil and REITS allocation.

For this week, i began adding more items to my Etsy. I had also came up of a new branding idea to my store. What used to be a pet-themed only shop will now be a pet and planet/eco-themed new look. It make sense to go this route because my love for animals has always been connected to my love of nature. I currently have a total of 32 items for sale and is looking to add more on the coming days. Please feel free to visit my store. And if you ever want to try the Print-On-Demand business, please feel free to explore Printful, my choice for POD supplier. Whether you have design experience or totally new to designing, i assure you you can learn it on your own time.


This last few days had taught me that designing for shirts and mugs is an addictive bug, that’s why i opened a new shop at RedBubble. So far i have submitted just 3 items on their platform and i don’t see it being the last. I am leaving my store link too and featuring one of my designs here. Redbubble has a different audience and store owners than Etsy. If i can describe it accurately, i think Redbubble is more into showcasing the graphic design with actual prints, think of Japanese Anime and cartoons and ad logos, but it also has a niche for text-based only design, which is exactly what i’m doing. If you can be creative with text, you can sure catch some shopper eyes out there too. By the way, i am sticking with pet and eco-friendly theme also with Redbubble. It’s easy to reuse your own text and give it a different flair on the design process.


This has been my week so far, trying my hand on designing is a creative challenge but i like the feeling that i am being productive. My hope, of course, is for these stores to be a source of passive income, and i know it will all come in the right time. Perhaps one of you have experience on POD business? Care to share some tips on the comments?

Thank you all for reading and have a blessed and safe October