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Greetings! And hope everybody is doing great in their little corner of the world. I have been amissed and have taken a break with blogging in the last two months, not that i don’t have time but i am focusing more on household chores and also my three year old had started school already.

As a parent, you want to be with your child every step of the way from the early school preparation to the drop off and the pick up; it really is an intense feeling seeing you are letting your child out of your home and introducing him to the arms of society. As a father, you are his guardian and at the same time you have to come to terms that he will mold his own mind and be who himself to be.

The other important reason i avoided blogging and other forms of social media is to clear my head and be more inward thinking when it comes to my spiritual side. I think the pandemic had all of us reflecting on the value of relationship, especially to those who are very dear to us.

Anyway i am back in the fold of blogging and i have some news to report on my financial activities in the last two months.

Fundrise IPO.

These recurring IPO offering once again had member’s an opportunity to purchase their latest IPOs. I remembered when i first bought their IPOs at $5, and now with their continuous growth the IPOs are now at $9. I’ve been with Fundrise since 2017 and been happy with their investment platform. If you are not an accredited investor like me, that is you don’t have an annual $200K or $300K for couple, then you are open to invest with them. They have a healthy rolling dividends that i received quarterly, so if you are thinking of passive income, i recommend you take a look at them.

Dividend Portfolio.

Speaking of dividends, i’ve been getting more serious in acquiring dividend-paying stocks for my new individual stocks portfolio. This is in addition to my dividend ETF portfolios from Betterment and Vanguard. Just like with Fundrise, i have been happy with Betterment for some time now. I am on auto invest with them every month and had my dividends on DRIP. Betterment is a robo advisor so i literally hand it to them to invest for me, no overthinking on my part at all with what ETFs to pick. All i tell them is i want my portfolio to be a safety net or conservative which in their allocation is 30% stocks and 70% bonds.

For my new individual stock portfolio, i’ve set aside my TD Ameritrade brokerage solely for dividend paying stocks. I would go into details my dividend stock selection process in the future, because i have to say i am still refining my criteria. But what i can say is that i am looking for undervalued stock that has healthy growth potential and consecutive dividend increase of at least 10 years. Let me say kudos though to Alpha’s ebook 6 Pillar’s of an Alpha Investment for starting me on this journey. If you are like me who relies on ETFs and mutual funds, not that there is anything wrong with that, his book is sraightforward enough to boost you on analyzing solid individual stock company.


I understand if many out there will discourage a beginner to throw their money on options, i would too. What i would suggest is to learn the basics, i mean read and reread the fundamentals and strategies and more importantly trade on paper first. Equally important is to set a stop limit for your loss and profit while practicing with your trade.

I am not ashame to say that i was feeling rushed on my early options trading, hence not so sound strategy, no profit/loss management and lackluster discipline at all, but after careful and controlled entries and exits, i am finally getting more pluses than on the minus side.

Do you trade options too? I love to know how you are getting on, and maybe we can share tips and advice for a succesful trading. I still remember the first Options ebook that i read, and still rereading it to polish my rading skills.


Anyway, this is me saying goodbye for now, and i’m happy as well i am able to write a blog post again. Please feel free to connect or just say hi on the comment section. I wish you all a nice, poductive and safe week ahead.