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Happy Sunday everyone! If you are like me, i like to write on a Sunday because my mind is in rest mode and my mind can discern more with little bias from the events of the week that has gone by. It’s a good day to look back and also to make plans for the coming week.

The biggest news of the week, of course, is the market recovery. From an investor’s perspective, this is a crowning glory for all the wait and the doubt that plague the stock market in the last two months. I can only refer to my blog post on March 16 and marvel at how the big bounce has taken quickly than anticipated.

Did you ever wonder how this recovery come about without even having the vaccine yet? Covid-19, the main source of the economic downfall is still alive but has been quelled temporarily, as evident by the flattening of the curve from it’s peak in April. It’s a long road to where we are today but it doesn’t mean the fight is over.

Stimulus check, government loans and measures and the people’s initiative to follow these guidelines combine for the healing effect that we are experiencing right now. This so called quarantine time is also a testament to the resourcefulness for many who have found a way to add a stream of income.

I honestly would say that i wouldn’t have written an ebook if not for this self-imposed productive time. Same thing for this blog, i thought i would just fulfill a long time interest when i write a blog post about financial independence, but later on i realized that this journey is keeping me anchored on my financial goals too. In short span of two months, i learned how to analyze financial reports, identify a good company to invest in and trade options strategically (see my ebook).

Even on quarantine, there’s a juggling effort on how to best manage our time. There are more household chores to be done, many projects to start, and family bonds that need to be continuosly  nourished. Aside from my stocks and options investing, i also tried my hand on print-on-demand Etsy business (which require very little capital btw) and had flipped products for profit. My latest venture is a hobby blog about gardening, backyard ideas and home design; I don’t know how far i can go about this one but i’ll try to squeeze it because it’s another interest that i want to explore and write about even for fun.

No matter how good a juggler you are, there will always be things that you should learn to let go. In the past week, i decided to drop my 6 month old Shopify store on pet accessories. Aside from the cost associated with running an online store, i determined there’s a cost to your personal time too. I would have wanted to hold on to it a little bit longer but i have to accept this as a pandemic collateral damage.

Thank you for reading.


Please let me know how you juggle your way during the quarantine on the comment section?