*This blog post is my personal opinion only and contains affiliate/referral links.

Warning: this is not one of those success stories.

Btw, i will be talking about marketing in general here, but will touch on affiliate marketing too.

When i started this blog, the farthest thing in my mind is a marketing strategy. The truth is I created this blog with only one audience in mind – me.

It’s fair to say too that i have no marketing gene at all and i only want to write for myself. The quarantine brings out the boredom and the desire to kill the ennui, that’s why i resorted to blog and fulfill one of my dream blog topics – personal finance.

I’m no expert but i want to write about money like it’s a journey, like a time-travel from early investment wins and mistakes to current changes and adjustments that will ultimately affect the net worth of my personal wealth. In this strange economic time, I want to bottle this voice on this medium to represent what it’s like writing during a pandemic.

Another early proof that marketing is foreign to me is i am not that attached to social media. Even now, i have not promoted my blog on my Facebook yet. People who knows me will probably say i am very unassuming,  a description that can be decoded as i’m not one to self-promote my writing. That may change soon though, but for now i’m comfortable bleeding my thoughts out to attentive readers who don’t know me (in person).

Oh, but I made progress since, as i’ve added a Twitter for this blog, which i did not regret at all, because it opens up possibilities in marketing that i may never have discovered.

Do you write picturing who your target audience is? Maybe i can be more objective on my thought process if i’m writing to people on the same flock? Perhaps this is the reason too why it’s easy for me to first promote other people’s content and product than my very own blog?

Anyway, i still ponder about these questions and is able to extract some answers along the way.

What change for me and made me start marketing this blog is an organic calling to be heard and to be conversational. The more i write the more i realize that i want to discuss and talk with a real reader. It’s really nice when i read all those comments.

I’ll be lying if i don’t say i am promoting too for monetary gain, but i think it is more secondary to the goal that i want to accomplish. Getting a reader to spend valuable minutes of their time and earning their trust are the best unspoken compliments a blogger can possibly achieve.

Another innate idea that came to me is that affiliate marketing is an implied contract that me as a marketer can vouch for that content or product, and therefore to market one is to know and to have already used one. There’s definitely a veil of fakery if one is promoting something without having previous knowledge and experience.

My two affiliated ebooks (this and that) are prime examples of how i want to promote the value of financial literacy to my readers. Because i was able to absorb the gist of these ebooks, i feel equipped to at least answer rudimentary questions a potential buyer may have. I also have other financial services that i endorsed because i’ve been an avid customer for years; but my main point in all of this is i’ve learned to trust these products and services and now i want to share it’s value to the next guy or gal.

This brings me to the last thing i learn and i want to cover on this post: when requesting to be an affiliate, be it directly to the content maker or to a representative of a product, remember to ask nicely and prove your worth by stating your credentials (or your knowledge and experience of using the products/services) and your method of promotion. “They” love to hear that!

Thank you for reading.


Please feel free to share your thoughts and reservations on your marketing.