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Schedule -> Prioritize -> Take Action.

It’s Tuesday morning, another weekend has come and gone, and you want to shape your week to be a productive one. Easier said than done, right?

How you would have wished you accomplish more last Saturday and Sunday is not the corrective thinking in dealing with lost time. Time is scarce and precious but should not be a medium of regret. At least try.

Time is what you set it out for and is relative to what you want to accomplish. Being Mother’s Day and my wife’s birthday last weekend, there’s only so much i can do. It’s a weekend to celebrate more and spend less on my hobbies and business ventures.

More than anything, it’s implied understanding that i give time to what is more important and that is family bonding. It does not help that my Mother’s Day gift to my wife is still being sorted in some mail room somewhere but human connection, my personal choice to prioritize intimacy with my wife and son is special in more ways than one.

You can choose to be a stickler with time, set a schedule for each activity or you can be like Proust or Woolf and deploy a free flowing assignment to your chores. At any case, be mindful that time is like a budgeting tool that you can manage. Time and Budget management are corollaries and in harmony if you think about it.

Less is more when you prioritize. I know I needed to work on my new store so I allot some quality time in adding products into it. I know I can spare some time reading and educating myself on financial literacy so I open my laptop while my little boy is napping.

You can do more when your plan is concrete. Don’t make a plan while you are watching Extraction on Netflix. Less distractions means the more you can detail a well-thought plan. WRITE your plan, the best way to do it.

Setting a vibe arouses your senses to follow a theme that you want to be in. I want my weekend to be celebratory so I push away any worries from my investments. The Stock Market is doing some leaps lately and i’m ever more confident that a partial recovery is on the way as the economy reopens more businesses. One allocation move i did last week was to put more stocks on my Betterment account.

Quality over quantity is cliche in the madness of all the to-do-list that we want to navigate. We want to create a balance in a world where money cannot buy everything (sorry another cliche). Spend time with people close to you, spend time with things that matter to you, prioritize madly and take action.

Thank you for reading.


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