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Ok, so you have a $1200 or more money magically appearing on your bank account.

And i also have a long title. There is a reason for that.

The sign of the times really. About 26 million Americans had filed for job benefits so far and the numbers are rising by the minute. Small business loans from the Federal Government were granted as relief money. Sadly, some may survive and some will not recover at all.

There’s been a big clamor to reopen the workplace but who knows when and under what circumstances.

So on top of the unemployment money, many are receiving the mandated stimulus money, a little something more to boost the economy.

If you happen to be jobless, that’s a big deal! If you are still working, that’s a little extra.

I would make an educated guess and assume that many of the recipients  would spend most of it on either food or rent/mortgage. There’s an exception though as some tenants are lucky enough to have landlords who freeze their monthly rent.

At any case, it’s time to save. Organizing and creating a budget is the key, for every cent counts.

If you buy groceries without a list before, you may have to consider sorting out the really essential products on your list. Ever since the lockdown, we’ve been grocery shopping online and i find it practical to make an online list first then just pick it up later or have it delivered. Doing this saves me some money and earn a cashback too.

It’s not easy to predict when housing and the whole real estate industry will come back to normal. Residential and commercial spaces are hit hard with homeowners defaulting and businesses still shut down. I heard the government intervening for the homeowners which give them a break on their mortgage payments, but i also heard that there need to be some clarity on the consequences of their loan.

I could name other expenses but these two are the basics that this stimulus package will probably cover anyone in a month. If there are leftovers, these will probably go to some leisure of some sort or a side hustle.

Looking for a way to improve one’s financial situation is a productive way to spend quarantine time. We were probably not coop up like before and were kinda forced to find activities to stimulate our mind. Many of us look at the internet to take some online courses or even start an online business for little or no money as a start up capital.

I myself had read and study lessons on Dividend Investing, Blog, Pinterest and Twitter marketing, and other “How to make money” courses. I’m also working on my Shopify store and tweaking it for improvements. It may take some time before i see some results but i know I am getting closer in finding another stream of income.

What about you? Please let me know what you have been up to with your government money?

Thank you for reading and be safe out there.