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End of March 2020, this has been one of the longest month of March in recent memory.

This will be remembered as the month that Covid-19 pandemic erupted, the month that job losses mounted in millions because of the mandatory quarantine, and the month that is probably the most emotionally charged with uncertainty in the 20th century.

Amidst the chaos is the frenetic swing of the Stock Market. It’s on a downward trend but there are also some breath of life that respirate the market on the upside. Thanks to the government’s intervention of the stimulus package and other financial measures, and news that a vaccine is on the production line, the optimism is being carried even temporarily.

The US market had a 900 points rebound on 03/30/20 and as of this writing is bouncing into negative 300 points territory, bringing the end of the first quarter to the worst since the 2008 recession.

I mentioned the sectors that are hardest hit on my previous blog; this time i am adding the cruise lines. To show you some figures, Royal Caribbean is down from $135 on January 2020 to $32 right now, and Carnival Cruise Lines is trading at $53 last year compared to $13 right now.

Even the pharmaceutical and biotech industries are not spared with the plunge, however they have more cushion to withstand the crash because of the pretensions that their life-saving medicine will be fast-tracked to the public.

It takes a calm and calculated investor to weather this Stock Market roller coaster. To pacify the nerves, one has to re-visit his/her financial goals. Ask the original questions that made you invest in the first place: When are you retiring, what are your target retirement money, do you have time to recover before your retirement….?

For me whose retirement is a good twenty years away, I personally think that DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) will give me a level of playing field advantage on my investments. This basically means i continue to buy my ETFs on my Betterment allocated and professionally managed account whether the market is up or down. Buying low right now will offset the losses that i had today when the market is rosy again in the future.

Thank you for reading. I hope you are all staying calm on your personal finance and portfolio too.