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I want to take a moment to talk about social isolation and how it affects our physical surroundings, for there are some magical good that are coming out of this.

Amidst the jobs that are loss and the lives that are claimed, there is a cleansing going on outside of us.

The air quality is much better after the cars and the factories are temporarily laid to rest. The very workforce that drives our economy is giving Mother Nature a break.

Maybe I am thinking out loud here, but maybe this is the natural and fresher ventilation that will boost the survival chances of the infected Covid-19 patients.

Another place that is being transformed is our oceans. Fact or fiction, just look at how the swans and dolphins become the serenading gondoliers in Venice canals.

The give and take relationship between man and the earth is on full display here. As a result of the Corona Virus pandemic, the economy is receding by the minute and we can only watch as our government tries to save It from sliding down further.

With the lockdown, Oil and Gas are not as relevant and continue to take a plunge. Airline and car industries are literally parked at the sidelines, so are the travel consumers.

Looking back last year, there’s also the already ongoing pressure from the climate change activists to produce cleaner crude products, and green companies scrambling to have a bigger footing on the energy market.

It begs the question if energy stocks are a good buy right now. My personal answer is yes!

I share the general optimism that we can recover from this health crisis and once the wheels of economy are turning again, these energy stocks, whether the traditional or the alternative, will power us all to economic mobility again.

I couldn’t end this blog without mentioning that there is also a spiritual change and awareness happening inside of us, i.e that being human is being aware of our responsibility to each other and the place we all live in.