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Good vibes be with you!

The world that we knew a month ago is entirely different than what we have today. Sadly, the freedom that we enjoyed a month ago is replaced by the government and self imposed quarantine that we are experiencing at the moment.

This resulted in spending more time in the digital world rather than in the dynamic and social intimacy of a community. It could be overwhelming at times, being cooped up and following the social media on the internet all day, but there is always balance and a purpose if we are doing it for the right reasons.

The battle for normalcy is still on the front line and may be months away before a vaccine is produced, but there is hope that it can be beaten if we have the discipline and the will to overcome this challenge.

In the meantime, remember that we have the responsibility to each other, so let’s try our best to be calm, vigilant and organized in this time of crisis.

So in light of this free time that we have in our hands, i have collected some educational and fun links to amuse and invest on myself lately:

Free e-books – almost any public library has a collection of e-books. This one in New York has an impressive 300,000 titles with a limit of 3 items to borrow.

Immersive museums – digitized exhibit across the US and from around the world are available for your very own art tour, and some masterpieces are even available for download.

Virtual Concerts – your daily dose of music from your favorite singer and bands is live-streamed on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Many concerts had been cancelled but these artists are giving back to their fans.

Animal live stream – everybody should stop what they’re doing and just watch the animal cam and yes it’s ok to be amused with abandon.

Online Courses – Ivy League schools like Harvard, Princeton, Cornell, Brown and others are offering free courses and you are invited to sit in their online classroom.

Start a blog – the writer in you beckons and you want a platform. Start by opening a WordPress blog.

We have this institution, artists and entities to thank for for their time and resources. Their labour brings a semblance of normal to the eyes, ears and senses of our online experience.

We also should be conscious that we owe it to ourselves to find joy and enjoy the situation we are in; for whoever say “There’s comfort in knowing that everything is temporary.” knows this rings true even more today.